Brittany G

Brittany G


Meet Brittany:

Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to do after high school. I have always found myself being drawn to, and I was good at, math and the sciences and art. I take pride in being artistic.

As I was considering careers options I knew I wanted and needed to create a path that represented who I am. I already knew I loved math, science and art, I also found through experience working in a couple different environments that I loved interacting with all types of people. What I also learned wast that I would not be happy trapped behind a desk!

Like so many young adults who are trying to find their identity, I started experimenting with my hair color and changing my look.  However, as a result of using store bought products, and not understanding the true science behind proper hair coloring techniques (I was not a trained colorist at the time) I did some major damage to my hair and was in serious need of a professional to fix my hair!

It was during the processes of seeing my stylist that I begin to see and understand that there is a science and an art form to being a professional hair stylists (or hair artist). I started asking a lot of questions about a career in the beauty industry and quickly found that it was something I was not only interested in but intrigued by!

Over the next few months I did some research into the beauty industry and decided I wanted to go to a Paul Mitchell school. Unfortunately, where I was living, the closest Paul Mitchell School was 2 hours away. So I was very disappointed that I couldn’t go to school right away, as fate would have it a miracle happened! My family moved to the Temecula area where a Paul Mitchell school was just 10 minutes away from my house!

I signed up and started beauty school as soon as I could and I found my passion, my true love in life: being a hairstylist.

I am so excited that every day I get to use the things I’m so good at –math, science and art— to create beauty, and to make whomever is in my chair feel amazing about themselves.

I live such a rewarding and fulfilling life being a hairstylist because, I truly feel I never have to work. I am so passionate about helping each and every person that sits in my chair, from the ones who have daily challenges with their hair, to those who simply need a touch up. Helping others find their inner beauty by educating them to best techniques and products for each individual is fulfilling and drives me everyday to grow!  I love what I do more than words can describe, my one desire is that you allow me to prove this to you,  I cannot wait to be your stylist!

Brittany G
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