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October Events and more!



10/1 HBS TT Experience & haircutting with Herman and Beth
10/3 Happy Birthday Jacqui!
10/6 HBSR Neuma PK Class
10/6 Palm Springs (sell 3 tools to earn a free night 10/5)
10/8-10/20 Beth will be At HBS Serendipity
10/9 Happy Birthday Jessica Minor!
10/8 – 10/19 Beth goes to Latitude 55
10/15 HBSR Cut-a-Thon for Cancer Awareness
10/20 Happy Birthday Brian!
10/26 Annual Halloween Bash!
10/27 HBS Ashlea ARCS H/C


11/2 Carlsbad Street Faire
11/3 HBSK Bare Minerals education at HBS Serendipity
11/4 HBS Texture class with Paula Peralta
11/17 Origami Color collection at Armstrong McCall Vista with Beth Whitfield
11/23 HBS Family Thanksgiving!
11/26 Happy Birthday Beth!
11/28 Happy Birthday Leslie!


Happy Anniversary Jenna Benz! 2012
12/1 AWG Collection Holiday Styling class with Michael Bonacci
12/1 Happy Birthday Holly!
12/8 Happy Birthday Ashley Deal!
12/16 Dress Up Party Down class at PMTS Temecula with Beth Whitfield
12/21 HBS Family Christmas Party
Jpms holiday preview
Bootcamp/Styling class with Rachel

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